Are you tired of the content creation hustle and looking to make a splash in the last rays of summer?

Do you wonder how some entrepreneurs manage to keep their content flowing despite life's crazy whirlwind? Well, my friends, I'm ready to let you in on my secret.

You see, it's not about hoarding the good stuff, but sharing the cheat codes. And that's precisely why I've decided to bundle up my tested and loved content strategies into a convenient, ready-to-rock package that will squash your social media overthinking in a heartbeat.

Drum roll, please…

Unveiling the all-new, sizzling-hot, second edition of the Socially Savvy Power Prompt Cards!

This little pack of dynamite is your secret sauce to keeping your audience hooked, starting exciting conversations, and pumping up those conversions. It's perfect for coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs who want to keep their timeline lively and engaging.

Ever let procrastination, perfectionism, and post-paralysis dampen your consistency on social media? Well, it's time to shake them off!

What if I told you that your next 6-figure contract is just a single, well-crafted post away?

Yes, you read it right. With your needs at its heart, the Socially Savvy Power Prompt Cards bring you 52 content prompts and some cherry-on-top call-to-action bonuses.

Now, that's what we call a game-changer!

Created for entrepreneurs, coaches and experts.

You ready to flip the script on your social media game?

Done with content FOMO while the sun sets on the summer? Want the lowdown on how the pros keep their feeds fresh even when life's is life-ing? Well, buckle up because I'm about to drop the details!

I've been stirring up this secret sauce for a while now, and guess what? It's high time I served it up on a platter for my peeps. Why should I hoard all the good stuff, right?

Introducing...drumroll the hotter-than-your-summer-fling, 2nd edition of the Socially Savvy Power Prompt Cards!

This isn't just a deck of cards. It's your secret weapon to rock the social scene, turning your timeline into a goldmine of engagement and conversions. Designed with love for all the coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs ready to dominate their timeline.

Procrastination, perfectionism, post-paralysis... all those nasty Ps that have been raining on your social media parade? It's time to show them the door.

And get this, your next 6-figure contract could be just one killer post away!

Yeah, you heard that right.

Designed with YOUR needs in mind, the Socially Savvy Power Prompt Cards are packing 52 prompts plus some seriously juicy call-to-action bonuses. It's like having a content strategist in your pocket!

But 1st, a few words from my clients...

I" was burnt out from posting to social media and her prompts were just what I needed to get back on track with my personal brand. I posted one caption: I QUIT and boy did my tribe come out swinging in the comments.

Engagement was through the roof. I tweaked the caption to fit my lifestyle and current situation but the prompt made it easy. It reignited the fire in me to me to launch my first published ebook and it’s been up every since then.

Thank Shanel for giving me the much needed lifeline with your caption prompt!"

- Makeda Smith, Business Growth Strategist

LeTonya Moore, Esq.

Business Growth Strategist

Cindy Rodriguez

PR & Media Strategist

Hey, I'm Shanel

Hey there! Are you a powerhouse with a launch-ready offer, ready to shake the world with your brilliance?

Craving content that not just buzzes, but transforms your timeline into your own cash machine?

I see you.

There you are, all dolled up in front of your computer, wracking your brain for that perfect, clever post that's going to slay social media. But, all you see is the annoying blink of the cursor.

And the doubts start creeping in...

"Am I nailing this?
Do people even care?
Is my voice showing up authentically?"

Well, sis, have I got the answer for you!

The Socially Savvy Power Prompt Cards are strutting your way, ready to help you skip the line and dominate your timeline.

And the best part?

You don't have to drown your feed in posts every day or waste your precious time dealing with those pesky tire-kickers and time-suckers.

We're all about quality over quantity here, love.

So, get ready to stand out and shine!

Picture this: my Socially Savvy Power Prompt Cards are like having your very own content strategist - all wrapped up right in your back pocket, ready to pop out when your creativity takes a snooze.

Now, I could've been selfish and kept all my cash-generating content secrets to myself. But, where's the fun in that?

So, I've gift-wrapped all my genius content codes, ready to spice up your social media game. You can strut your stuff across the digital world, toss overthinking out the window, and make those posts pop with your brand's personality.

It's time to boss up, sis. Your social media game just got a whole lot hotter!

Raise your hand if you’re ready to have engaging content ideas that actually CONVERT on social media

The Socially Savvy Power Prompt Cards include:

52 prompts + call-to-action bonuses to help you easily create engaging conversations and convert on social media with my SAVVY Framework.

STRUCTURE & SOUL prompts are used to educate your audience

AUTHORITY prompts help brag on your expertise

VISION prompts motivate & inspire your timeline

VIBE prompts show off your personality and create engagement

YES prompts are for transforming your timeline into a CASH-GENERATING MACHINE!


Bonus Prompts and Call-to-Actions


Prompts to input into ChatGPT!

Save time from having to sit and stare at your phone wondering what today’s post will be.

With 52 prompts + Call to Action Bonuses +ChatGPT Prompts, the Socially Savvy Power Prompt Cards will walk you through a comprehensive content strategy that positions you for profit!

The best part - they are cards delivered direct to your home or office, so you can post on the go!

Wouldn’t social media be so much easier if someone would simply tell you WHAT to post?

Brainstorming your content is half the battle, right? 

Have your clients at the 1st scroll. You'll have a full set of carefully categorized prompts to stand out in the social media streets.

Leverage my shortcuts. You'll have access to high engaging prompts so you can add a punch to your posts in less time.

Attract new clients and collab partners. Your timeline will take notice of the bold, real version of you on social media.

A few words from my clients...

Our online presence has increased tremendously.

We have a noticeable increase in social media followers and visits to our online store. Her strategies have made a big difference.

Leslie, The Wine Concierge

Shanel is incredibly talented and experienced in social media content and strategies.

At the end of the challenge, I felt more confident and focused on how to attract my people.

The workbook provided was also super helpful and provided great templates, captions, and CTAs.

I would definitely recommend Shanel Evans if you just can't seem to figure out your social media strategy to attract your ideal clients.

Danielle Fisher -

Coach for Creators

Shanel is a social media beast! She is an expert.

She breaks things down in understandable bites. She gave me a simple easy to follow strategy.

She made her herself available for questions after the session.

She is A M A Z I N G. Hire her!

Theresa -

America's Divinity Coach

A comprehensive content strategy that positions you for profit!

The Socially Savvy Power Prompts are created exclusively for coaches and experts who want to

accelerate with proven, time-saving prompts to create more buzz for your offers.

What are you waiting for?

Grab your own set of Socially Savvy Power Prompt Cards and dominate social media.

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